April 2, 2021
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Hw21 Smart Watch (2021)

Price : Birr 2,850
Condition: Brand New
Seller Type: Owner (ባለቤት)
Location: Lideta, Addis Ababa,

Hw21 smart watch
new 2021 model
model: hw21 smartwatch
የልብ ምትን ይለካል
ምን ያህል ካሎሪ እንዳቃጠልን
ስፖርት ስንሰራ ይቆጥርልናል
ብዙ ሰአት ስንተኛ ይቀሰቅሰናል
ስልካችን ሲጠፋ ለመፈለጊያ ያግዘናል
የራሱ አላርም አለው
ከስልክ ጋ በ Bluetooth ተገናኝቶ ስልክ መደወል እንዲሁም ማናገር ይቻላል
ቴክስት መላክ እንዲሁም መቀበል የሚችሉበት
activity tracker
heart rate
remote camera
Bluetooth call
Bluetooth music
product details
-the wearable also can track up to 12 sports modes includes walking, cycling, alpinism, spinning, indoors, elliptical mac, badminton, basketball, football, free training.
-additional features are call and message reminder, anti-lost, pre-set watch face, timer, stopwatch bluetooth 5.0... etc.
- the device has a 200 mah battery with 7 days of normal usage and 75 days of standby time or

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